Friday, August 19, 2011

Venice Daydream

an excerpt from one of my favorite blogs on her travel to Italy
i find her description of Venice wonderfully true to life
happy friday
Time is told by church bells and espressos and activity in the square here.
There are no watches, at least not for one passing through.
There is only surrender to the rhythm, the old ancient calendar rites that are still celebrated in full fashion as the masques.
Guidebooks were left in the suitcase, zipped up in the small apartment that is home for two weeks.
But there are signs that say
 “This is your path. You’re heading the right way.”
Days are spend wandering around corner, along alley ways, over bridges.
There is museum and art and food.
There are unexpected friends too, the ones that always pour the extra glass of wine.
And of course, the gondola rides.
The price always elicits a gasp, but Venice is not truly Venice without them.
And such an experience is worth it: to be on the water, sailing past buildings, watching the stars blink in and out from behind.
And somehow every morning at dawn and every night at twilight, you find yourself standing next to a lonely lamp-post contemplating the beauty of this place and of your life.
{all photographs by the talented Quentin Bacon

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