Saturday, August 6, 2011


This morning the hubs and I tried out a new joint featuring our new
favorite food....
AS Templates
As part of their grand opening promotion they are featuring
bottomless mimosas
We got a table and our waiter brought my first mimosa.
Soon a little music trio, 2 guitars and a violin, started playing some 90's favorites
....weezer, incubus, third eye blind...
we were so wrapped up in enjoying the music that we forgot to order our crepes.
After about 15 minutes Charlie went to see what was up.
Turns our our waiter quit, on the spot and it was only his first day.
Apparently his last service performed at The Brownstone Cafe was to bring me my mimosa.
Charlie ordered a caramel crepe and a nutella crepe.
I got a belgian waffle with nutella and whipped cream.
it was pure heaven!
After a few more glasses of frozen mimosas, we made our way to Half Priced Books.
I found a few books I've been wanting to read...

Ella Minnow Pea is set on the fictitious island of Nollop, an isle 21 miles SE off the coast of South Carolina, and home to Nevin Nollop, the supposed creator of the well-known pangram "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." This sentence is preserved on a memorial to its creator on the island and is taken very seriously by the government of the island. Throughout the book, tiles containing the letters fall from the inscription beneath the statue, and as each one does, the island's government bans the contained letter's use from written or spoken communication. A penalty system is enforced for using the forbidden characters, with public censure for a first offense, lashing or stocks (violator's choice) upon a second offense and banishment from the island nation upon the third.

Room is about a 5 year old boy named Jack and his mother, Ma.
For Jack, Room is the only world he knows, but for Ma, it is a prison in which she has tried to craft a normal life for her son. When their insular world suddenly expands beyond the confines of their four walls, the consequences are piercing and extraordinary. Despite its profoundly disturbing premise, Emma Donoghue's Room is rife with moments of hope and beauty, and the dogged determination to live, even in the most desolate circumstances.--Lynette Mong
Charlie also cleaned out the $1 CD clearance section.

We had just enough time to sit out by the pool for a little while before heading
to a "going-away" party for some dear friends from our bible study.
After leaving the party we headed to the Miller Outdoor Theater
to meet our newly wed friendsfor Shakespear in the park: Othello.
It was such a fun date night!
To sweeten the deal even more...
the show was FREE since we were sitting out on the lawn!!
We are truly pooped but so thankful for good friends and fun outings.


  1. WHAT?!! Bottomless mimosas??? Really, does life get any better? :) Miss you sweet friend1! Hope you like the books!

  2. maybe when you and Ad make your way to h-town we can check it out together!! miss you too XOXO