Tuesday, April 17, 2012

where have we been?

so i can't deny that i've been a terrible blogger as of late
but honestly we have been SO buys lately.
From hospital tours to birthing classes we have been on the go, non stop.
Busy is good though!
We got to go to a few concerts at the House of Blues and hear our favorite artists
like Tyrone Wells.
Who recently just had a baby with his wife.
After congratulating him on his expanding family,
Charlie told Tyrone that we were getting ready to be in the same boat.
To which Tyrone relied, "Oh, are you trying to have a baby?"
And I piped in with, "Nope we're "5 weeks away from the due date."
You can imagine his surprise when he looked a little further down
and spied the baby bump.
In all fairness, I am pretty short and he is very tall so
I wasn't too surprised by his reaction. 
It was a fun night!
yay for T-Wells!
{those are some tall dudes}

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