Tuesday, April 24, 2012

so close yet so far

Today Charlie pointed out an interesting factoid about our childhood.  Apparently we lived very close to each other  for about 6 months when we were 7. 

After Charlie's family moved back from Malaysia they lived in his great-grandmothers house at 4807 Creekbend Dr. for about 6 months (first semester of 2nd grade).
He never knew exactly what part of Houston it was they lived in until he Google’d his old school (Red Elementary) out of random curiosity today.  
When he pulled the school up on the map he recongized the area immediately as it was less than a mile from my sisters house.
Charlie then looked to see how far it was from my parents house where I grew up and it turns out we lived 3.3 miles away from each other for part of 1993. 
His previous home in Malaysia was roughly 9,400 miles from where I grew up.

This sweet little story reminded me of the romantic stories told by the couples in the movie
 When Harry Met Sally.
The Second Time We Met---A Love Story :  wedding relationships santa cruz Harry M harry-m

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