Tuesday, March 20, 2012

birth class

last night charlie and i went to our first of 6 birth classes with our
dula, Amanda Moore.
We talked about exercise, diet, diaper changing, etc.
She also gave us a breakdown of how a woman gains weight during pregnancy
Amanda compared giving birth to learning how to swim or driving a car.
When we first try something new, we have support people around to guide us along the way.
No parent tells their child as they are learning to swim,
"this is going to extremely difficult for you and you may drown."
The messages are always positive, i.e.
"i'm here if you need me"
"the side of the pool is over here"
"i'll help you through the deep end"
Amanda also said labor and birth can be kind and will speak to us in progressive stages...
"i'm coming"
"i'm coming"
"i'm coming"
"i'm coming"
it's helpful to know there is a process to brith and it will probably be a gradual one
We really like the 4 other couples in the class with us and are looking forward
to the next couple of weeks!

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  1. AWESOME! YES YES YES! Sounds like it is going wonderfully! What is the next week looking like for you guys? We'd love to get together for a little visit - or if couple time doesn't work out, let's get together for something delicious and just catch up. I'm missing the heck out of you!