Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dear Jamison,

Well, sweet boy your mama is almost 9 months pregnant now. It's funny because before I was ever pregnant I always thought that if someone was 9 months pregnant it meant they were about to give birth, but no. It's a full 9 months which means you could be born today or in a few weeks. Your dad and I are finally getting a little more settled in our home and everything seems a lot more real than before.  Things are happening very quickly and every little baby item we set up is a reminder that you will be here soon! 

As these days wind down I find myself already categorizing events into a "before Jamison is born" and "after Jamison is born" frame of mind.  Your arrival has already changed our lives for the better. I just wish you could see this version of myself and your dad; parents but not-quite-parents, our younger selves about to go on an incredible adventure.  I'd like for you to be able to meet us as we are now and know that we are young twenty-somethings who are in love.  I want you to know our story.

As these next few days fly by, I want you to know how excited we are. You were our world before you ever came into the world, and have always been a part of us. Whoever you are, whoever you want to be, we will accept you fully and love you. You are already loved so much. We've been getting everything ready for you, we've been praying, and waiting.  Our anticipation is unreal and oh-so very exciting.  Hello Jamison! Welcome home! We've been waiting for you.

I love you,
Your Mama


  1. Dear Jamison,
    The rest of the world doesn’t know we’ve been waiting for you
    But your entire family has “baby fever”;
    We’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting to see you adorable, handsome little face.
    YES! absolutely and unconditionally we’ll love you.
    Your Buddy will give you hunting tips and tell you Cajun jokes.
    Your Mere will give you raspberries and sing silly songs.
    You’ll always have a soft spot in your heat for your sweet Mama
    She’ll make “sweet eyes” for you and write you letters and read you stories.
    Her kisses will say that you have her wrapped around your little finger.
    Your charming smile will melt her heart and with good reason
    because you’re her first born who’ll bring along new love and new joys.
    You’ll keep the little romanticism in her heart because, like your Dad,
    you’ll make special moments a whole Valentining thing.
    She’ll be a forever Mom, who gives you lots and lots of hugs and kisses!
    She’ll spend time with you to keep you safe and teach you that good choices equal good consequences. Your talents and positive attributes will develop under her watchful eyes.
    All these things she won’t do alone; your Dad’s love will motivate her.
    You will come to know that they are young twenty-somethings who are in love and are teeming with the blessings your life brings.
    Love you everyday,
    Mere X 4

  2. thank you mama for that beautiful letter.
    i'm going to save it in his baby book :)