Friday, December 16, 2011

oh baby, baby!

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That's right!
there's gonna be a new baby Lloyd in the family
sometime around May!
We took the first test on September 20th.
After our Tuesday night bible study we stopped by HEB
{charlie explained he didn't want to get our test from a ghetto Wal-Mart..already protective}
to buy a First Response test.
Once we got home we read the instructions,
I 'ehem' followed them and waited for the results....
(sidenote: you really don't need to wait the two minutes, it shows up immedes)
There was one dark line and one VERY light line
so light that we thought, 'surely not'
Charlie was convinced it was like a watermark and only one of the lines counted.
since the box came with three tests we decided to wait
another day and take a second test.
Sure enough, one dark line and one slightly darker second line.
in teeny tiny print next to an asterisk in a hidden spot reads
 "one line may be fainter than the other. this is a positive test."
sidenote: that should be on the top of the pamphlet and in LARGE print!
As per a friend's wise advice, Charlie used one of the tests himself
just as a control because he definitely wasn't prego.
And the result...just 1 very dark line where my light line had been.
By this time we were through with all of this line business!
After I went to bed, already starting to feel exhausted,
 Charlie went out and bought a Clear Blue digital test at 11:30 pm that night.
Based on his research this was the most accurate and least frustrating
test on the market because it will actually say
"not pregnant"
On Day 3 of taking tests we got the definitive answer
We hugged and laughed and were totally stunned
in the best way possible.
It was a roller coaster and the best was yet to come...
getting to tell our family and friends

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