Monday, April 18, 2011

surprise? for mmeee?

my sweet husband handed me a lovely present when
i came home from running errands today
what ever could it be?
certainly not the kate spade perfume, twirl, i've been obsessing about for months...
oh but it was!
(via sparklesandpretending)
(as a side note i got some new specs this week and i lurve 'dem)
holy moly was i excited
cheers for totally unexpected gifts
husband is good...husband is real good!
(never mind that he totally enables my addiction to fragrances...nbd)
next we spent our lunch time celebrating my sweet mom's birthday
she is the most beautiful person i know and i am so blessed to have her in my life.
time with fam...always a good thing!
Happy Birthday Mumsy!
Next my daddy-o gave Charlie and I an envelope with this picture of him
from his architecture school days.
Peep the cigar at the drafting table.
I love my father!

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